The purpose of Agape Embassy's School of Ministry (AESOM) is to assist you on your journey to wisdom, knowledge, and growth in the Word. The education offered by AESOM is Bible based and Christ oriented.


Degrees offered through Friends International Christian University (FICU), the parent body of many colleges and institutions, including AESOM.

3 Levels of Ministry

AESOM consists of three different but connected levels of ministry. For each level of ministry, a certificate is awarded.

Level 1 - Christian Foundation Institute (CFI)

Established to help the student become more familiar with basic Christian terms and ideas. It is course study in doctrinal beliefs of the Christian faith. This institute is geared toward personal examination, contrasting your life with fundamental Christian beliefs.

NOTE: There is a non-refundable fee of $50 per Foundation course for non-members, which is due at the beginning of each course. Fees paid cannot be applied to the FICU Degree Program.

Level 2 - Leadership & Bible Institute (LBI)

The Leadership and Bible Institute was established to raise up leaders in the body of Christ to do the work of the Ministry. LBI consists of two years of study consisting of four semesters of study. This institute is geared toward giving the student the practical knowledge of the Word needed for ministry.

NOTE: A "Certificate of Achievement" from CFI is required to attend LBI)

Level 3 - Ministry Cultivation Institute (MCI)

This department is established to help Ministers with a "Five Fold Ministry" calling, to go out with confidence. We will help in practical areas of ministry with protocol, integrity and ethics in Ministry. The Ministers Cultivation Institute is one year in length consisting of two semesters of study.

AESOM Practicum Program Ministry Lab

At AESOM, we believe that preparation for ministry leadership cannot be complete apart from extensive exposure to and experience in a local church. Ministry lab is designed to give students the opportunity for practical hands-on experience, along with instruction in planning, organizing, and administering ministry in the Church. For this reason, we require each AESOM student to fulfill 135 hours of service for each year of school.

Live Streaming

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