Pastor J


Pastor Jerome A. Mills

Our Pastor, Pastor Jerome A Mills, affectionately known as Pastor "J", has a genuine heart for God's people and a desire to see individuals live out the will of God for their lives. Embracing the call to pastor with a humble heart, Pastor Jerome was ordained and installed as the pastor of Agapé Embassy Ministries on April 7, 2019, before a welcoming openhearted congregation.

Pastor Jerome, a native of Northern Virginia is happy to still call this place home. Our pastor is married to First Lady Deborah and God has blessed them with beautiful children and grandchildren.


As a dynamic teacher, husband, father and friend, Pastor Jerome sees value in everyone he meets. He has a heart for everyone to receive God’s word and to operate in it. His way of delivering the word with simplicity helps to make this possible.

Always the encourager, Pastor Jerome leads by example; as tripartite beings he admonishes our congregation to be vigilant over our spiritual, mental and physical so we can continue to declare the Word of God.