Our Purpose – To establish a good relationship between husband and wife which brings glory to God as we build the Kingdom of God here on earth.
Covenant Partners is a ministry for married couples who have entered into a covenant to fulfill a binding agreement with their mate for a specific purpose according to God’s will. This covenant agreement is the institution of marriage, which has been established by God (Malachi 2:15 NIV). Our action is having faith in God to operate in marriage according to His purpose and plan, working decently and in order.
Covenant Partners Ministry helps us to establish and maintain a good relationship with our mate by demonstrating how the Word works by faith in marriages. We are taught powerful principles, based on the Word of God, along with the use of many fun filled activities to demonstrate how to handle and resolve challenging situations. Though the issue itself is important, how to reach a resolution is even more important. The key to reaching any resolution is putting the Word of God into action!