“Confession is Our Hope” 8 part teaching series


In this 8-part series Dr. Joseph A. Mills, Jr. imparts a powerful
message that is life changing regarding confessing Gods word in our


Hope is confident expectation that what is said will come to pass.
God admonishes us in Hebrews 10 v23 that we must take hold of
the confession of our hope. Hold fast to what God has said, don’t
get weary; for it is the Word of God that He has sent to heal, save,
deliver and keep us. Every day we must be cleansed and refreshed by
confessing God’s word because it renews us.
Remember, in everything that God has promised He is faithful to
manifest it in our lives through faith. Joshua 1 v8 reminds us to keep
the Word of God in our mouth; say what God says. Meditate or chew
on the Word; which produces a refining affect in us so, that the Word
of God will develop and yield results.